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The book tells the story of a woman on a journey to get herself out of a tumultuous and rocky path. She has lived through an adulthood marred with broken marriages and drug addiction. She also has her battles with the foster care system; not only is she in it, but she’s also fighting to get her children out of it.

The story is a testimony that anybody can stand strong and emerge on top after facing difficult trials.

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B. Michele Stone was born in Portland, Oregon.

She is happily married with three children and one stepchild. As of late, she also has five grandchildren. She loves to spend time with her family.

She spends her free time outdoors to take in nature and the local wildlife.


I would like to speak a word in closing to all the foster children: you are loved. You are wanted. You are not alone. Your Creator—the Creator of the Universe—has big plans for you. God can and will use the situation you are in to give you wisdom, and we are told that He takes what the devil means for bad and uses it for good. Trust Him!

Nothing here is forever. All these situations will pass. In the meantime, hold on to the fact that you and are special. You are strong. You are able to go anywhere life takes you are special. You are strong. You are able to go anywhere life takes you and make the best of it. And remember that you have rights! You have the right to call on the Ombudsman when your rights are being violated.

Despite how you feel, there is nothing wrong with you. You are no different than any other child you know, although your life has not traveled the same simple path as others. You can still, and will, grow up to become the best version of yourself. It will not be easy, but you hold your own fate in your hands.

When you are older, you will love your children and family more than you ever felt loved. You will value and cherish the things you know are important—people and relationships will become more valuable than objects and money. You will be a happy, successful, and well-adjusted adult who is compassionate and understanding of other people. You will be able to love and appreciate on a whole different level. You will be knowledgeable and wise beyond your years, and able to offer help to others.

Dear child, pray for strength to not hate your parents. They do love you, and although many have their issues, you are not their issue. They have good intentions.

Understandably, you may be tempted to lose heart, faith, and hope in a foster situation. Guard your heart from becoming hateful, LOVE.

Believe that you are here for a reason—because you are! Everything you have lived through is there to prepare you for a purpose. Make the most of it. Perhaps the most valuable piece of advice I have for you is this: check all out the facts! About everything. The State may lie, but you will be able to see through their lies and differentiate people’s motives, and see the truth for yourself.

If you hear about God, investigate. Investigate everything. He claims to have made the sun, Earth, Moon, and Stars. When we look outside we see all that. He says things come forth in their time, being of their kind. Yep, we can see that too. We witness through the years that apple trees produce apples right on schedule, dogs produce puppies, etc. God says, “Male and Female I created them,” and, well, people are still having people, and so on. God feeds us every day, whether we acknowledge or accept it or not. He gave us the plants, and animals, whatever it is that you eat. Is He not exactly who He says He is? Finally, I would like to speak a word to the parents out there whose babies have been torn from their lives:

Miracles happen everywhere, every day. Keep your chin up! Pray constantly. Never—and I mean never—give up. Never surrender, unless It is to Christ himself. Do what you can, keep a record of everything, and watch and wait.

Don’t accept what they say about you. You know who you are. You are warm, loving, kind parent who only wanted to love, nurture, guide, teach, and play with your kids. You are not alone.

Tell your kids of your love for them, always and often. They are confused and insecure, but no one will ever love them like you love them. You are deeply affecting their lives whether you can see it or not.

Please use my story as a cautionary tale. I was scared, forced into a corner. I fought for years on my kids’ behalf but not effectively. I should have run my mouth to the press way earlier. Who knows if they would have wanted to hear it or not, but at least I would have been doing something.

If you are in this situation, keep meticulous records. A journal, perhaps. And always get a written copy of any verbal agreement. Hire a bulldog of an attorney and never quit fighting for your kids!

I do not tell you these things to whine and moan about my own life. I do it to inform you of what may be in store and what type of people you may have to deal with. Let your eyes be open. God forbid any child be abused under the guise of “protective custody.”

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